Alasasyah collects your information to communicate, deliver orders, inform new products and offers, and verify financial transactions you make online.

Third party links

We may share personally identifiable information that we collect (including email addresses) with other companies in our group and for commercial purposes - such as advertisements. We may, for example, use a third party to help us deliver products to you, receive payments, use them for statistics and marketing research or to assist Customer Service Team. We may need to share information with a third party to protect against fraud and reduce credit risk, and we are not responsible to any third party to whom we transmit your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Cookies (COOKIES)

Cookies are small files saved on your mobile or computer that include your information about your preferred settings and other data needed by the system when interacting with the browser. Alasasyah allows the use of link files from companies associated with us in order to provide advertisements and online offers to help us. Use cookies to select information that suits your taste privately or that you want to see on the site. Cookies also enable us to store any information you enter as it does not require you to re-enter it when you visit the site at a later time.

Alasasyah also collects private information that he uses to deliver online advertising and offers tailored to each customer's particular taste. This information is used to provide our users with the ads they want to see and to inform them of offers and services that suit their individual tastes in particular. The user is targeted by tracking their clicks on ads or the pages they visit. Our goal at C is to provide you with a shopping experience that suits your taste and purchasing priorities.

For any inquiry or information about the above. Please contact us via e-mail.